JibJab Sculptures

When I last posted, the heads for these sculptures were complete but the bodies looked like giant Pes dispensers. Since then I have built them up with cardboard, chicken wire and duct tape and paper-mached them…




Once the paper-mache was complete I painted them both all white to even ’em up and then hit them again with color. The finished pieces now stand happily in the entrance at the new studio.





  1. Hi Evan, I wanted to actually convey a huge thank you to you and the StoryBots team (sorry for the post on your blog, I tried to write a thank you directly to your company site but got a generic customer support “We can’t help you with your problem” robot response :P) : my cousin and her family live in war-torn eastern Ukraine, and are unable to escape the violence and terror surrounding them right now. They have a little daughter named Dasha who is very sweet but was recently very sick and had to suffer through a multi-day hospital stay in a building with no power as bombs and shelling took place around them. It is impossible to send in support through the border and there is very little for her to be happy about out there.
    And yet, I have been able to put Dasha’s photo in some StoryBots videos, and on the rare occasions that they get internet access and power in their home she has been able to open them and see herself dancing with bears and elephants and robots, and as my cousin has told me it just fills her with endless joy to see it. She plays the videos over and over, dancing to the songs and smiling and laughing (she loves the dancing bear video the most <3. Even my cousin and her family got a big laugh and smile when I put them in a JibJab video the German song-and-dance).
    I know a lot of people use your service for fun cards and notes to brighten up their friends' and families' days, but I just wanted to give you an extra-huge thank you: when things are dark and terrible in some parts of the world, it's great to be able to still send a little bit of brightness and joy across the globe and over embattled borders with nothing more than a few mouse clicks. Thank you for giving us that option and for allowing us to give some happiness during the hardest of times.

    Olga and Jason Wages

    1. Wow! Olga, Jason – thank you so much for this message! (And thank you twice as much for the effort you put into getting it to me.) You have no idea how much it means to me to read something like this. We know that our work gets viewed a lot and we HOPE that it brightens people’s day but it’s easy to forget how much some people *need* to have their days brightened. To hear that we have had that kind of impact during such a difficult time is exactly the reason we do what we do. I will certainly share your story with the team here and thank you SO MUCH again for taking the time to reach out.

      PS – I apologize for the Customer Support robot response. We have a small team in Customer Support and they work really, really hard to take care of our audience. Their top priority is helping people with technical difficulties so unfortunately it means we sometimes miss stories like yours 😦

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