Another Mask

I absolutely had to make something tonight. I didn’t know what it would be but it felt like I haven’t actually done anything creative in FOREVER so I told myself I would go back to the studio and I set a goal of just completing *something* before the night was through.

I had this paperbag mask that I started a while ago and never did anything with so I laid a toilet paper roll on for the nose and that was the start…


First I thought he’d be a caveman so I painted him all fleshy color…


Then I cut out a silly beard, sewed up some lips and laid it out. My goal was to go for ‘confusion’…


As I played with different arrangements of eyebrows, ears, etc. he morphed from a caveman to a homeless person to a pirate and back to a hippy. In all the variations I also saw glimpses of myself in 40 years which was also mildly concerning…


And here’s the final product all hot-glued and wearable. Good times!







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