Month: April 2014

Wiener Dog!

I made this in 2 days over my kid’s Spring Break. I have been listening to Parry Gripp’s Mega Dance Party CD non-stop since Christmas and have REALLY been wanting to animate a few of the tracks from the album. I showed it to Parry to get his blessing and he was even kind enough to send me some “YEAHS!” to cut in at the end over the credits. Thank you Parry for making such addictive music!


Andrew Jackson Complete


So I actually finished this guy about 2 weeks ago but just realized I never posted it.  It only took another hour or two in the studio.  I pulled out the pins from his jacket and added some trim that I bought at Joanne’s Fabric.  His neckerchief is just some cut and folded paper towel and the sword is some carved and spray painted bulsa wood.  I had to bust out the electric sander to file down his hand so that I could glue the sword on at the right angle but even that moved quick.  The last touch was attaching the epaulettes which was also some trim that I picked up at Joanne’s and then… President Jackson was DONE.