Month: September 2013

Painting Class

Here’s two more from the painting class I am taking.  I’m seeing big improvements over the past few weeks but I am still the worst person in the class.  It is really humbling to be surrounded by people that are clearly much better than you.  I would swear some of these people are friggin’ magicians!

2013-09-09_painting_class 2013-08-27_painting_class

My blog is not dead!

So believe it or not, I actually *have* picked up my sketchbook since June 2011. I have been off and on since the last post (mostly off!) but the spattering of drawings that I have managed to do never felt worth the effort of scanning and posting. I’ve made it a point to attend figure drawing at the studio for the past 4 weeks and though the drawings still don’t feel worth the effort, a guy’s gotta start somewhere.

For 2 of the 4 sessions I broke out the 18×24 charcoal pad so I don’t know when or if those will make it to this dusty old blog. These images were all scanned on my crappy little printer at home and some of the pages didn’t even fit – hence the blurry edges and weird shadows.

If anyone still swings by this joint here’s some naked people for ya…