Month: July 2013

Trying to remember how to draw…

My God, it has been YEARS since I sat down somewhere and just tried to draw a picture of what was in front of me.   It has been easily 12 years or more and it was uncomfortable and awkward and haunted by the memories of what I *used* to be able to do.  Even though the process was more frustrating than enjoyable there was something in it that made me remember why I used to enjoy it so much.  The problem is the constant judging I do of myself and my short temper when my hand does something my eyes don’t want it to.  The thoughtless connection between my eyes and my hands was something I spent years working on but now it seems I’ve spent more years neglecting it than I ever spent fostering it.  It’s strange how time speeds up!

Here’s some drawings I did of my buddy Josh before I left for Europe and then a few drawings of the Madeleine in Paris.  Who knows, maybe I can start to make this something of a habit again?