Truman Mask Part 3

So the Harry Truman mask is done!  Woo hoo!!!

I had actually spent a few Sunday afternoon and Monday nights without posting so heres the run down on the process.  First, I enlisted my son’s help giving the mask a good once over with paint…

2013-03-09 17.12.52

After that, I added some rosey cheeks and ears and of course a big red nose…

2013-03-09 17.48.28

2013-03-09 17.51.49

A few nights later I was back in the studio hot glueing yarn onto his head.  My lovely wife came back and snapped some pictures…

2013-04-08 22.08.59

This past Monday night I went out to the studio and finished it off.  I added eyebrows, finished the back of the hair and then made some glasses.  The glasses are just wire wrapped in more wire and duct tape.  (I LOVE duct tape!)

2013-04-29 21.07.45

And here is the finished mask.  Give ’em Hell, Harry!

2013-04-29 21.38.262013-04-29 22.34.53

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