Month: February 2013

Truman Mask Part 2

The paper mache from last Monday night had dried and the mask was feeling solid and light.  The only problem was that I had made the shape of the head all wrong.  I remember thinking the forehead was  too tall when I first constructed it but the goal was to get it done in a weekend so I just kept barreling forward.  Since it has taken me 8+ years to return to this I figured I might as well get it right so the first thing I did tonight was cut open the top and shave off a good 1/2 a foot…

2013-02-11_Truman_2The tall head was funny looking but it looked more like George Bush Sr. than Harry Truman.  Truman had a big forehead but the overall shape of his face was much squarer.

The next thing I did was attach the cardboard ears I made last week and sculpt some eyes out of Femo.  I knew I wanted to get slightly more detail around the eyes and I found this old clay on a shelf so I mushed it up, fleshed it out then cooked it in the oven for 20 minutes.  When it was done, I hot glued the eyelids to the mask and just to test it, crafted some quick glasses frames.  I also added some lips out of foam wrapped in duct tape…

2013-02-11_Truman_4Once everything was in place I cut up a bunch of newspaper and mixed another big batch of Elmer’s Glue.  I covered the entire mask and it seems like next week I’ll be able to paint it!



A New (old) Project

I had been wondering what new project to start for my Monday night studio time and had been thinking about making a new mask when this turned up at JibJab!


It’s a mask of Harry Truman that I started one weekend about 8 years ago when my wife was out of town.  I know how old it is because I remember the apartment we were in when I started it (and it was definitely before any kids were in the picture).  This was going to be a follow up to a giant Teddy Roosevelt head I made in 1996.  I thought it had gone missing ages ago but last weekend we did a massive cleaning at work and on Wednesday I found it sitting in the corner of the loft.    Hooray for me!

The duct tape was all dried out and cracking but it has mostly held it’s form so tonight I decided to lay down some good old fashion paper mache.  My hands got completely covered in Elmer’s Glue pretty quickly so Adrienne came back and took a few pictures for the ole blog…




It was really fun getting dirty again but I was bummed I had to let it dry before I could keep adding to it.   I fabricated some ears out of cardboard and duct tape which I’ll add later.  I think the forehead is about 1/4 too high so I might hack that down.  I would also like to try and sculpt out some fine features before I make some giant glasses and paint him up.

I just love Harry Truman’s no B.S. approach to everything.