Month: January 2013

Loop de Loop

JibJab has teamed with the guys in Australia to bring Loop de Loop to LA this month.  WooHoo!   The theme is “Hollywood” and the first thing that came to my mind was a montage of Steven Spielberg movies.  Just between Jaws, Indiana Jones and E.T. the guy’s work kind of defined movies for me when I was growing up.  (If only he would have directed Rocky and/or Rambo, too…)  I was really excited to string together a series of iconic characters and try some new stuff in After Effects so I started making these characters…

Spielberg_1After diving into some images for Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds I started to feel like I’ve been down this path before with the collage stuff and maybe I should try something new.  I started with Jaws and thought I’d do something graphic and serious…


This was cool but I didn’t know how I would tackle all the other characters so I decided to try something looser and sillier.  For Indiana Jones I just drew a series of runs in my sketchbook and photographed them with my crappy laptop camera.  This is what the photos looked like and here’s a render pumped out through AE…


After trying a few different approaches I felt like the whole Spielberg thing just wasn’t clicking and time was running out.  I had to boil my approach down to something simpler and I’ve always been crazy inspired by Polish Poster Art so I figured, “Why not just go with general movie genres?”  This would let me just design and animate some cool, silly pictures.

I knew Westerns, Monster Movies, Romance and Sci-fi were all definites then if time permitted I could keep tacking on more loops – Film Noir, Adventure, Comedy, War Films, etc.  Of course time did *not* permit but I managed to squeeze out the first four!




Hollywood_ScifiMy goal was to use REALLY limited photo elements, do a little drawing and keep the overall designs as sparse as possible.  (I have a tendency to complicate things!)  I shot the Monkey’s mouth and hands with my web cam and Mr. Romance’s mouth with my phone in the mirror.  My wife was kind enough to let me film her wiggling her tongue around for Mrs. Romance and all the sound FX were done in 45 seconds sitting at my kitchen table.  My mom is the alien’s ray gun 🙂

Here’s the finished piece and you should go check out all the other great entries at  Loop de Loop is SERIOUSLY cool.