More Chicken…

Went back to the studio tonight and jumped right back to my chicken mask. Why a chicken mask? I really don’t know but it’s fun!

First thing was to flesh out the frame with chicken wire…


Next up was covering the entire thing in duct tape so I’d have something to glue the feathers to…



After he was completely covered in duct tape I started cutting up these little feather shapes and hot glueing them on. After I cut the first 10 I realized I would need to cut a LOT of feathers so I wasn’t gonna finish last night…

And here’s where I left off for the night. He’s currenty looking more like a pigeon than a chicken but I think all the grey / silver has something to do with that? Once I get the gobbler and the poofy hair on there I think he’ll turn and if not, I’ll tell everyone I made a pigeon!

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