Chicken Mask

I had no plans when I stepped into the studio on Monday night (and quite frankly, I didn’t want to go back there at all) but I had so much fun making a silly, bear mask for my son I figured why not make a chicken mask for myself?

First, I made a few quick doodles to get some ideas for shapes then I just started cutting and taping to make a shell that would fit over my head. There is nothing there except for a grocery bag and some duct tape. Once that was complete I cut some eye holes, attached a piece of construction paper to cover my neck and taped a big piece of wire on so I could match the shape and height I was after…

My next steps were to just keep adding wire to refine the shape. My goal for the mask is to keep it as SIMPLE as possible. I have a tendency to complicate things with lots of detail but with this I am aiming for bold, simple shapes.

Once the general shape of the head was in place I attached some temporary styrofoam eyes and a beak just to get a feel for how it will look when it’s complete. I don’t know if it will remain a chicken or transform into a crazy parakeet but it’s certainly fun to construct…


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