Silly Bear Mask

It’s been so long since I just created something ridiculous for the sake of making something ridiculous. Tonight was my first Monday night back in the studio after months upon months and I had two goals:

1. to work on a project I could complete in one night

2. not to work on anything of any value (meaning it couldn’t relate to other projects or ideas circulating in my life)

With that in mind I pulled out an old mask that I started with my boys one Sunday afternoon about 6 months ago. We had taken grocery bags and duct tape and started making masks. This is the state that project was left in just collecting dust…

We had always intended to make him a bear so tonight’s goal was to cover this guy in fur and get him funny looking. I started with the nose…

Next I dug through my tub of fabric and found some soft but inexpensive fabric I had lying around. I had no idea about patterns so I just started hacking away at it. I wish I would have put that one seem straight down the middle but, Oh Well! My mission tonight was to just keep pushing forward and not take anything too seriously…

Next came the eyes. I knew I wanted them to feel kind of like the plastic eyes on a plush doll so they had to sit on top of the fur but be firmly attached. I also wanted to make sure that my son’s eyes stayed dark and out of the light when he wears it so I cut some cardboard tubing, colored the inside black with a Sharpie then hot glued it to some foam. After that I hot glued the outside of the tubing and the back of the foam and just popped them in…

My final step was to cut a round patch for the top of the head and cover my janky, patternless, hot glue job. I decided to hand sew this piece on so I could roll the edges of the fabric underneath and avoid frayed edges or sloppy seams…

The mask still needs ears so I didn’t meet my goal of finishing in one night but MAN, did it feel good to get lost in a project that has no value whatsoever. I rarely create anything without some kind of master plan any more and I have to remember to do this more often. Plus, when my boys came out to the studio to say goodnight they both laughed out loud when they first saw it so maybe it wasn’t TOTALLY valueless 🙂

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