Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington & Master Yoda

Tonight was my first night back in the studio in months. I have no big project in the works and no master plan. I just wanted to go back there and mess around for an hour or two and see what happens. My wife is a brilliant potter so she encouraged me to take some clay and offered to fire whatever I made with her next batch.

I figured I’d start with some presidents because that’s always fun and who better than Teddy Roosevelt…

That moved pretty fast so I went on to George Washington next…

Then I figured a goofy little body would be fun so I started in on that…

And at the end of the night I decided to make a Yoda just because he’s funny looking…

That was a fun evening. Maybe I’ll make more of these?


  1. Awesome dude!
    Didn’t it all start with your Teddy stuff? I remember the TR video you created while we were still with Dave, just great!
    It’s shocking how much time can pass between studio work, I know the feeling! Not so easy with so many priorities… I feel your pain!

    Great update!

    Talk to you soon.


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