Under the Hood…

You’d never be able to tell from the pictures but last night I basically took apart the entire sculpture and rebuilt it! Not only did I need to slow down the motors but 1) the bear wouldn’t pedal because of the rods in his legs and 2) the entire thing would have fallen apart if someone so much as sneezed.

The first thing I did was to yank apart the rod holding the beak & bike in place. After that, I opened up his leg to remove the bolts holding the metal plates in. Once those were out I sewed him back up. Next, I unscrewed the motors in the base and realigned / repositioned them. After reconnecting the main rod holding the bear, I cut some beams to better support the bike and remove the wobble. Again, not much to *look* at but massive leaps forward.

On the motor side, I finally got the right speed! This past Saturday I loaded up my project and drove out to the Radio Shack in Malibu to talk with Giovanni. He’s the MAN! We tested some additional motors and a whole series of resistors. At the end of the day we found a string of 1 Ohm resistors worked best. (We started at 100 Ohms and worked our way down) We lost the idea of the speed dial (the potentiometer) and I just bought a straight on/off switch. Last night I finally got to give it a whirl and now that it works my next session will hopefully be hooking it all up for real…

I still can’t wait to FINISH this thing so I can move onto a new one and start from scratch with everything I’ve learned. Getting closer!

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