Getting closer…

Last night was fun. Started off real quick by finishing up the pedals and feet. Since my pedals are all cockeyed the feet were shooting off every time it did a full rotation. I fixed that by soldering on these little buttons…

After that I spent the night working on the box. I knew I wanted it to feel like an old school, wooden circus car and I figured the best way to do that was with ‘planks’ of wood. When I sketched it out last week I knew I would layer a window over some popsicle sticks and here are a bunch of semi-chronological pics from the night…

And here’s a little video that Adrienne shot on her phone when she stopped in. YOu can see the longer I work on this the jankier the movements get and the wobblier the bike becomes. Oh well! I actually can’t wait to finish this and move onto a brand new one…


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