Some Nights are a Bust

So I went back into the studio last night all excited to build my voltage dimmer and finally put all the complicated science stuff behind me but… I had the wrong parts. I am powering my motors with a single 1.5 Volt AA battery and the thing moves like a rocket ship. I searched all over the interweb looking for small electronic dimmers and bought two units I thought would work. Turns out they each need a minimum of 12 Volts to run. That’s *8 times* my current voltage and might rip a hole through the space time continuum if I pump that much juice through my crappy little motor! Here’s a shot of the crazy ass circuit board I had to solder together…

After failing to get the dimmer working I decided to go back and sew on the little guy’s second boot. A slightly simpler and relatively unimpressive task which I knew I could bang out…

And earlier in the week I start planning how I will decorate the platform when the complicated stuff is behind me. This is just a first pass and still has a ways to go…

Oh well. Here’s to next Monday night!

PS – In case anyone actually reads these posts all the way to the bottom, even the failures are fun. It’s just a bear on a motorized bicycle. It’s not like I’m splitting the atom or something.


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