Building the Box

I’m sick as a dog but Adrienne still encouraged me to spend a few hours in the studio last night and I’m glad she did. I spent the whole evening trying to build a steady box to hold this whole thing. First, I had to measure out the placement of the screws that hold the motors in place so I could mount the whole rig on another piece of wood in order to get the proper height…

Then a little ZAP glue and some clamps…

I want to be able to mount the power supply on the bottom so I can easily replace the batteries so I notched out some V’s to run the wires underneath. Then I had to carve out a path for the wire in the wood block that the whole thing will rest on…

Once the base was together I mounted the sides…

And here’s the end of the night’s work. The base is together and all 4 sides are up. Next time I build the removable floorboards and hopefully my power dimmer will arrive so I can install that too. There will be a little dial on the box that let’s the viewer control how fast or slow the bear is pedaling. Fun stuff!

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