A Productive Night

First off, I was having trouble getting one battery to power both motors so rather than digging through mountains of data on Google I just emailed my dad yesterday afternoon. That act alone begs the question, “How the hell do dads know everything?!”

After he explained it to me, I still didn’t quiet get it so I drew up this diagram and emailed it to him. He printed it, corrected my errors, scanned it and emailed it back. God bless technology…

And just for safe measure he included this one, too…

When I asked him how he knew all this stuff his response was simple…

“Remember… I liked building crap and taking it apart before you did.”

And *that* is how dad’s know everything!

So… I followed his diagrams and VIOLA! all the pulleys spin at the same time!!! I still need to add the dimmer to slow the guy down and the hair on the foot keeps getting wound up on the pedal but I will solve that by giving him some sweat socks…

And here’s what my mess of wires, batteries and hot glue looks like. Not quiet as pretty as dad’s diagram but it’ll do…

Now that the complicated, sciencey stuff was out of the way I went on a tear. Here’s a list of other items I checked off the production list last night:

– soldered on the handle bars
– sewed arms and legs
– glued on the eyes and nose (finally)
– added a temporary fez out of cork (will paint it red if it stays)
– cleaned up the base board and started building the box

And here’s what all that fun stuff looks like…

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