The first two hours in the studio last night were a total bust. I was all excited to get in there after last week and knew exactly what I wanted to do but then everything I tried failed.

First, I realized that the motor I buried in the belly of the bear would not work. In order for his legs to do a complete 360 they would have to be so long they would look ridiculous in the rest / down position. I decide to scrap the whole motor thing and let the pedals drive the action instead of the other way around.

Next, getting the pedals on proved way harder than I expected. I couldn’t get the gear/wheel to stay perpendicular to the floor because that section was never designed to have the weight of a rubberband pulling on it so I soldered a small tube to the stem as a support then I ran the pedals through there. That did the trick…

I duct taped the motor to a small piece of foam to get it closer to the wheel. Then I slowly cut it down to get the right height. Unfortunately I didn’t think about the direction of the spin and the bear was pedaling backwards! I twisted the motor and hot glued it to the base.

Finally, I had the pedals and the wheels all rigged up and operating! I couldn’t connect the wires AND film it so Adrienne came in and shot my progress. (She was painting the front of the garage to become her pottery studio)

Even though all the wires were connected in a loop I could only get one motor to turn at a time so I still have to figure out how to drive them both off one AA battery. I’m guessing that has something to do with plusses and minuses? I was seriously ROTTEN at science in school but now we have Google. Hooray for Larry and Sergey!

And here’s a final shot of the nights work. Man, I enjoy making stuff…

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