Back to the Bear

So it’s been 10 months since I looked at this silly little project and last night my wife forced me back into my studio. (Thanks, love!!!)

First, I can’t BELIEVE how fast 10 months can slip by. It’s truly frightening. Second, I think I was secretly trying to avoid going back to the bear because the project was a disaster. The wheels kept getting stuck, the fur on the torso kept getting wound up in the gears and the whole thing would fall apart if you so much as breathed on it. So last night I re-learned a lesson I keep having to be taught… Sometimes, no matter how far along you think you are, it makes sense to turn back, take sh*t apart and start building again.

Once I resigned myself to this fact I actually had fun again. First, I shortened the rod that the whole thing was mounted on and drove it though a cork which is wedged into a hole in the base. Now it stands. Next, I took the whole engine-thingy apart and mounted the gears to a piece of bulsa wood directly underneath each tire so the thing is balanced on each end. Now, for the first time since I started, the sculpture stands on it’s own AND operates! Finally, I ran the wires for the leg engine through an extra tube and the whole project is back on track…

And here’s the still image of the progress. It doesn’t *look* much different but taking a few steps back instead of barreling forward made all the difference in the world…

The other lesson I had to re-learn last night is that sometimes it pays to KEEP IT SIMPLE. When I first sat down last night I considered scrapping this whole project and just moving on to something quick and fun but the bottom line is that I just HATE giving up. I decided I’m gonna finish this thing (even if it’s less ambitious than perviously planned) then I will move on to some fun, simple, quickies after that. Maybe a bear playing a uke?

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