Month: August 2010

August 18, 2010

I can’t believe it but it’s been over a month since I made it to drawing. Time is just flying by these days. I’d been really looking forward to drawing in my mega big pad again but I couldn’t find charcoal when I got to the studio so I went small. I think there’s something cool to be said for expecting one thing and getting thrown something completely different…


Back to the Bear!

So I haven’t been in my studio for almost 2 months due to work and family but today my AWESOME wife forced me into the studio. (First she let me sleep super late, THEN she forced me to my studio!) I’ve been feeling intimidated by this bear project because making a miniature functioning bicycle has proven way harder then I originally imagined. Today I made the decision to stop fussing over it and just get it done. I’ll figure out how to make it work later, I just needed to make some progress and put this thing behind me!

First thing I wanted to do was attached both tires so it at least LOOKS like a bike….

After the bike I wanted to get the bears legs rolling. I figure even if I can’t get the wheels to turn this guy could at least pedal! This is the little plastic machine I stuck up in his innards…

The next challenge that had been lingering in the back of my mind was how do I attach the bear to the bike and then how do I get this whole thing to stand up? It’s one thing to build a cool little sculpture but if it looks all janky on it’s stand then the whole illusion would be shot. Luckily the metal rod that I was gonna put the seat on fit really nicely into the gear box. Then I just made a little bulsa wood seat to give it some support and whammo… the bear is on his bike! For extra support I just punched a tiny hole in the bottom of the bear and jammed a second metal rod all the way up through the foam on the inside of the bear. Then I soldered the bottom of the rod to the bike and we’ve got a bear on a stick!

Next time I am able to get into the studio I’ll add legs and pedals. Then I’ll have to figure out the box /stand that will house the gears that will hopefully spin the tires. Good times!