Lone Wolf Black Sheep

This is a gift I made for my friend Will’s 30th birthday. In addition to being just a downright brilliant friggin’ designer, I am always fascinated by his ideas and the way he THINKS about things so I knew I wanted to include a little lightbulb in the sculpture. This was a fun project and a quick break from my bike riding bear. I didn’t take a lot of pictures as a I went but here’s the rundown…

I started with a little metal pipe I could run wires through, a piece of bulsa wood to mount it to, and a lump of clay to wrap around the pipe and wires. I also used a wooden thingy from Michaels as the rim of his hat. I knew I wanted the hat to be classy even if the rest of it was a bit lumpy…

I spent night one on the sculpture and night two in painting, wiring it up and connecting the LED light…

Once the painting and wiring was done I added little wire glasses…

And the finished piece with hot glued bulsa wood box…

So… Happy Birthday, Will!!!


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