More Tires and Motors

So I go into the studio super early and got a few hours in before the day began. After figuring out the first tire it was just a question of executing the second but I wanted to add an additional pulley to hopefully drive the pedals and legs from the back tire…

After completing the back tire I fired up the ole soldering iron and started fabricating the rest of the bike…

Later on in the evening I got to get back into the studio and this is where I failed miserably. I had settled on the idea that I would use two separate motors to power each tire so I spent a bunch to time trying to set it up, solder the wires and prep the pulleys. This idea was a total bust. Turns out even one AA battery split between the two motors was too powerful and nearly ripped the wheel apart…

So finally I returned to my little plastic kit. I think I figured out a way to have one battery split across across multiple pulleys so that it can power everything off stable framework. I needed some rubber cement to finish this one off so I just came to bed. I will live to fight another day…

FInally, here’s my completely cluttered desktop. I LOVE being able to make a mess again! The truth is, while I’m working, I know where every little thing I need is…


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