Eureka – It spins!

Had a rough day at work and couldn’t wait to get into the studio tonight. Messed around for quite a while before I had a breakthrough but man it felt good when it happened. I finally solved the mystery of how to get the axel on the wheel to work. I hit the hardware store yesterday and got some longer screws so i could attach the pulley directly to the axel. With a few tiny bolts and complete reworking of the tire I got it going. Yeehaw!

After i got that rolling i should have gone to bed but I had also bought a cheap soldering iron, some flux and some solder so I wanted to see if I could bind the different kinds of wire/metal i picked up. Some worked and some didn’t so i twisted up a new holder for the tire (for lack of a better word) then went ahead and sewed some black pipe cleaners to the rim of the tire so I could wrap it up!

It was a successful night but my favorite part… When i needed to spray paint the plastic gear, i just put it on the floor of my study and made a MESS. It’s great having my own space again. 🙂

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