Building a Bike

I woke up at 4:00AM and couldn’t go back to sleep so I went out back to the studio. I’ve now discovered that making a bike out of wire is easy but making a bike out of wire that is operated by a motor is kind of a challenge. I built the tires and set up a ghetto axel that hangs on some twisted wire. The wheels spin all janky and wobbley (which I really like) but every time I tried to attach them to the motor they would jam up. First I tried twisting the axel so that the shape would mirror the diameter of the gear that drives it…

That was a dismal failure. It certainly could work but it would have to be precisely crafted which I do not have the time, equipment or patience to do. After a few hours of tinkering I stepped away for a coffee break with Adrienne and when I came back the answer hit me instantly. Attach a gear to the center of the spoke. Duh!

Now the bike will get to ride much closer to the box that will house the motor, which is a plus, and I should hopefully be able to power the pedals off the tire itself instead of having to run three gears off the motor. The new solution will require a trip to the hardware store but it SEEMS like I’m onto something. We’ll see…


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