An idea…

Over the holidays I had some time to decompress and think about working on some non ‘work’ related stuff. I had such a good time earlier in December making puppets and janky collage characters for the annual JibJab Year n Review that I wanted to keep fun going. My buddy Will had gotten me a book about Automata so I figured why not give it a whirl. With that in mind I drew this goofy little thumbnail while sitting on my dad’s couch…

I have some kind of weird fascination with bears. I’m (irrationally) petrified of them, yet at the same time they are the biggest, cutest, cuddliest animals on God’s green earth. With that in mind, what could be funnier than a 10,000 pound monster riding a bicycle? Plus, I experimented with LED lights making my son’s Halloween costume so I can give the bike a little night light. We’ll see how it shapes up…

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