Month: September 2009

2 Weeks in a Row!

So I got to sneak into drawing for two consecutive weeks. Yippee for me! I was trying to slow down and do some different stuff but lo and behold, these look like most of the other drawings on this blog. They are all 3 minute drawings and it was fun to actually slow down and “look” a bit more on the 3’s. Normally I like to stick with 1 and 2 minute poses to just get a feel and move on.


Drawin’ Dudes

All the guys at the studio make fun of me because I prefer to draw woman but I have to say it’s a nice change to draw a guy once in a while. The muscles and shapes are all different plus there is a hard, angularness (if that’s a word) that women tend not to have. Here’s from an hour last Wednesday…