Starting a blog!

Been meaning to build a little site of figure drawings for a long time and finally realized I won’t ever have time to do it! Everyday I try to spend at least a few minutes cruising through some of the amzing artist blogs out there so I figured why not make one myself. So here she is… For now this blog will be just to post figure drawings. I started drawing from the model again back in April and by now there are so many drawings I can’t catalogue them all and I haven’t scanned anything new in the past few months. I’ll start by posting some of the older stuff that’s scanned and hopefully when things slow down I’ll be able to start photographing the big drawings and hit the scanner again for the little ones. This first set of drawings is from my very first day with a model after a REALLY long break. Must’ve been 3-4 years since I’d been at life drawing.



  1. Hi Evan,These look very much like my friend’s drawings who attended art school in Bucharest, Romania. And it tells me you did and are doing live drawing from live models. It hadn’t changed in several centuries: if you can grab it from life you’ll blossom and they will come.As a songwriter I strive to do the same: draw from life. And, ‘New York’ is one of those songs. WTC tragedy was the “life” I drew from. Listen to ‘N.Y.’ on iTunes by search:erdei. Let me know what is it we can do together.peace,nicolas

  2. ficamos encantadas com os desenhos, “expressão do movimento” do corpo. Vamos imprimir e mostrar aos nossos jovens alunos – a simplicidade do desenho- PARABÉNS! Manuela e Leonor

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