Another Mask

I absolutely had to make something tonight. I didn’t know what it would be but it felt like I haven’t actually done anything creative in FOREVER so I told myself I would go back to the studio and I set a goal of just completing *something* before the night was through.

I had this paperbag mask that I started a while ago and never did anything with so I laid a toilet paper roll on for the nose and that was the start…


First I thought he’d be a caveman so I painted him all fleshy color…


Then I cut out a silly beard, sewed up some lips and laid it out. My goal was to go for ‘confusion’…


As I played with different arrangements of eyebrows, ears, etc. he morphed from a caveman to a homeless person to a pirate and back to a hippy. In all the variations I also saw glimpses of myself in 40 years which was also mildly concerning…


And here’s the final product all hot-glued and wearable. Good times!






My Buddy Parry

I started whittling this block of wood a few weeks ago and my kids said, “That looks like Parry”. I thought they were totally right and since his wife had a birthday coming up I decided to turn it into a full-on portrait and make it a Birthday present. I love making these silly little things.

2014-08-20_Parry_04 2014-08-20_Parry_06



Wiener Dog!

I made this in 2 days over my kid’s Spring Break. I have been listening to Parry Gripp’s Mega Dance Party CD non-stop since Christmas and have REALLY been wanting to animate a few of the tracks from the album. I showed it to Parry to get his blessing and he was even kind enough to send me some “YEAHS!” to cut in at the end over the credits. Thank you Parry for making such addictive music!

Andrew Jackson Complete


So I actually finished this guy about 2 weeks ago but just realized I never posted it.  It only took another hour or two in the studio.  I pulled out the pins from his jacket and added some trim that I bought at Joanne’s Fabric.  His neckerchief is just some cut and folded paper towel and the sword is some carved and spray painted bulsa wood.  I had to bust out the electric sander to file down his hand so that I could glue the sword on at the right angle but even that moved quick.  The last touch was attaching the epaulettes which was also some trim that I picked up at Joanne’s and then… President Jackson was DONE.


Building Andrew Jackson

My son did a book report on Andrew Jackson and I was so impressed by the job he did I thought I’d build a little Andrew Jackson to stick on a shelf.  I still have a fair amount of details to add but here’s what two nights in the studio has yielded so far…

Step #1 – Carve some foam, paint it all fleshy color-like, pin in some eyes to get a sense for placement and then start hot glueing foam onto his head for hair…


Step #2 – Add more hair, glue on all the good stuff like eyes, nose, mouth and crazy bushy eyebrows…



Step #3 – Measure and cut a cardboard roll, stuff it with foam, jam in some bulsa wood legs, wrap the legs with tape to make “boots” and paint it all white…



Step #4 – Add wire for arms, carve little feet and hot glue ’em on.  The tricky part is making sure he can actually stand…



Step #5 – Wrap the arms in tape, add “hands” and paint the whole thing white.  Eventually he will be holding a big sword because Andrew Jackson was kind of a bad-ass…



Step #6 – Paint the whole thing up, hot glue on the head and jam little pins in for buttons…




So I still have to finish up his sword, add details to his jacket and the epaulettes to his shoulders but all of that should move pretty fast.  I figure after a few more hours there will be another ridiculous president standing on a piece of furniture in our house.

And if anyone is actually still reading this I would just like to add that while I find Jackson fascinating, he was also kind of a JERK.  The Indian Removal Act was certainly not America’s proudest moment :(